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  • " Cases look amazing, absolutely perfect! seller had great communication. definitely would recommend to those who need cases made up for their loose games! "

    Steph L - AUSTRALIA

  • " Impressed with the customer service, reached out for 3 items I needed and it was sorted out straight away, my second purchase from seller and it went so smoothly, cases are great addition for my personal collection, really appreciate it ! Great seller, will be definitely buying again from them ! "


  • " Great product, I love the cases and the quality is outstanding! Excellent customer support. I am very happy, will buy again :) "

    Hendrikus K - CANADA

  • " Once again, really happy with these replacement cases. The shells feel like original quality, not the flimsy alternatives that are available. Of course, the new Master System cases stand out compared to the original ones on my shelf (no fading :) ). Fast delivery, EXCELLENT communication "

    Owen K - AUSTRALIA

  • " Higher quality cases than my other few cases I have. Cases are not loose when they are closed with high quality inserts of each of the games. I’ll get my cases from this seller from now on! "

    Devon T - USA

  • " Very, very good quality cases, I will be buying more in the future when I can :) thank you so much for them! Keep up the good work. Also if you can please make your PS one catalog of replacement cases larger, I would love to get some replacement cases for a few of my PS one games. Thank you! "

    Jacob M - AUSTRALIA